Branding and Copyright

Stunt Savage Creations Content Copyright

Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988

1. Intellectual Property

No permission is given by Stunt Savage Creations in respect of the reproduction or use for injurious or commercial purposes of any brand names, product names, designs and any other material shown on the Stunt Savage Creations' website in which intellectual property rights subsist. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

2. Website Copyright

We make a big effort to display the best and most accurate quality appropriate private content for our viewers, so we value them as part of our own products, graphics and coded scripts and pages were developed and designed by EFX PRO MEDIA 2008-2018 - Author Ricardo Alves whom holder of full legal rights of the contents of which a digital embedded signature is present.

3. Intellectual property offences

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4. Legal Action

We will closely inspect those who are distributing or copying our content without a copyright licence, considering a break of our rights we will enforce them to create their own content as a good way to trade between markets without any misleading of information.
Fail to colaborate to our request of change of content we will take legal action to protect our content.